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Our Policies & Disclaimers

Disclaimer - Our Policies Disclaimer

DISCLAIMER: All procedures will be performed by qualified healthcare professionals. Not all treatments are suitable and guaranteed for every person. Delta Phoenix can and will refuse treatment and will not perform any procedure that is deemed harmful or in-appropriate for the patient. Procedures will require a full health assessment before they may be performed. It is important to discuss individual and family health history with the provider to allow for safe and effective treatment. The healthcare provider will discuss all treatment plans, progress appointments, side effects, complication risks, post-treatment care, and answer all questions that patients may have. All patients must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Client Consultation and Consent - Our Policies Client Consultation and Consent

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa and Aesthetics follows a detailed consultation process to assess client needs and expectations.

Informed consent is obtained from clients for all treatments, including a thorough explanation of risks and potential outcomes.

Client medical history, allergies, and any contraindications are documented for accurate treatment planning.

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa and Aesthetics ensures client confidentiality and privacy throughout the consultation process.

Treatment Protocols - Our Policies Treatment Protocols

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa and Aesthetics maintains standardized protocols for each aesthetic treatment offered.

Clear guidelines are provided for pre-treatment preparation and post-treatment care to optimize results and minimize risks.

The spa strictly adheres to safety measures and best practices to ensure client well-being.

Staff members performing treatments undergo comprehensive training and possess the necessary certifications.

Health and Safety - Our Policies Health and Safety

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa and Aesthetics complies with all local health and safety regulations to maintain a safe environment.

Regular equipment maintenance and calibration are conducted to ensure optimal performance and client safety.

Proper handling and disposal of medical waste and sharps are strictly followed to prevent any potential hazards.

Stringent infection control protocols, including sterilization and disinfection procedures, are implemented to maintain a hygienic environment.

Staff Training and Qualifications - Our Policies Staff Training and Qualifications

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa and Aesthetics sets clear qualifications and certifications required for all staff members.

Ongoing training and professional development opportunities are provided to ensure staff members stay updated with the latest techniques and advancements.

Regular performance evaluations and feedback sessions are conducted to maintain high-quality service standards.

Cross-training is encouraged to ensure staff members are proficient in multiple treatments.

Appointment Scheduling and Cancellation - Our Policies Appointment Scheduling and Cancellation

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa and Aesthetics utilizes an efficient appointment scheduling system to minimize wait times and optimize client experience.

Clear policies are in place for cancellations, rescheduling, and no-shows to maintain an organized schedule.

Consideration is given to late arrivals, emergencies, and accommodating urgent situations.

Multiple communication channels are available for clients to easily reach the spa for appointment changes or inquiries.

Pricing and Payment - Our Policies Pricing and Payment

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa and Aesthetics maintains transparent pricing for all treatments and services offered.

Clients are provided with clear information regarding any additional fees or charges associated with their chosen treatments.

The spa accepts various payment methods, including cash and credit cards, for convenience.

Client Confidentiality and Privacy - Our Policies Client Confidentiality and Privacy

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa and Aesthetics strictly adheres to client confidentiality and privacy laws to protect client information.

Secure storage and handling of client records and personal information are maintained to ensure data security.

Written consent is obtained from clients before using their testimonials or before/after photos for marketing purposes.

Clear policies are in place regarding data protection and cybersecurity measures to safeguard client information.

Complaints and Grievances - Our Policies Complaints and Grievances

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa and Aesthetics has established a comprehensive process for handling client complaints or grievances.

A designated staff member is responsible for addressing and resolving issues promptly and professionally.

Timely response and resolution are prioritized to ensure client satisfaction and maintain a positive reputation.

All complaints and actions taken are documented for future reference and continuous improvement.

Marketing and Advertising - Our Policies Marketing and Advertising

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa and Aesthetics complies with advertising regulations and guidelines to ensure accurate representation of treatments, outcomes, and pricing.

Consent and release forms are obtained from clients before using their images in marketing materials.

Clear policies are in place regarding social media usage and engagement with clients to maintain professionalism and privacy

Emergency Preparedness - Our Policies Emergency Preparedness

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa and Aesthetics has established emergency response protocols for medical emergencies or adverse reactions.

Staff members are trained in CPR, first aid, and emergency equipment usage to handle any unforeseen situations.

Regular drills and simulations are conducted to ensure preparedness and efficient response.

Collaboration with local emergency services and healthcare providers is maintained for seamless coordination during emergencies.

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