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Delta Phoenix Medical Spa Services Botox

( Q ) BOTOX: When will I see the final results of the Botox injections?

( A ) Approx 2 weeks

( Q ) Are there any activities that I should avoid for the first 24-hours after getting Botox injections?

( A ) Avoid anything that will cause you to sweat such as exercise or spending time in the heat

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa Services Compounded Semaglutide Tirezepitide

( Q ) I feel a little nauseous, is that normal? When will it go away?

( A ) Yes, it is normal. The nausea usually subsides within the first 24 hours. It is possible to experience nausea during the week as well, but if you are vomiting- you may not be able to tolerate the shots.

( Q ) What happens if I miss a shot one week?

( A ) Although missing a shot is not recommended, it is not detrimental to your weight loss journey. It should be known that you will experience increased cravings during that time. You are able to take the shot a few days before or after you are scheduled to take it with no issues.

( Q ) Do I have to take these shots for the rest of my life?

( A ) There is a weekly maintenance dose that is recommended, but not required. You can maintain your goal weight through diet and exercise. The weekly maintenance doses are not harmful for long term use.

( Q ) Will taking the shot as well as diet and exercise increase results?

( A ) Absolutely! If you are able to diet and exercise during your treatment, go for it!

( Q ) What is the difference between semaglutide and tirezepitide?

( A ) Both have a GLP-1 component to their formula, but the tirezepatide has the added GIP peptide. Some see better results with the tirezepatide, but expect a more intense addiction reflux symptom. Both can cause constipation or worsen chronic constipation.

Delta Phoenix Medical Spa Services Filler

( Q ) I don’t want much filler, am I required to use an entire syringe?

( A ) When you pay for lip filler, you pay for the entire syringe. If you wish to use less than a full syringe, you must bring an additional person to use the rest as the filler cannot be saved for a later date. It should also be made known that we cannot guarantee the results as we normally would with the full syringe.

( Q ) I am experiencing some bruising, what should I do?

( A ) We recommend placing ice on the lips as soon as you leave your appointment and then twice a day for the first 3 days following your appointment. We also recommend applying "Arnicare Bruise Cream" twice a day for 5 days.

( Q ) What can I do to help achieve the best results from my lip filler?

( A ) We recommend not eating for the following 2 hours after your appointment, sleeping upright for the first few days, keep your lips moist, and using sunscreen on your lips

( Q ) Are there any activities that I should avoid for the first 24 hours after getting lip filler?

( A ) It is not recommended that you eat within the first 2 hours after your appointment. It is recommend that you do not touch/press on your lips as this increases the risk of infection entering the puncture sites.

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